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When I first started Global Threads, I pictured a world where study abroad wasn’t a premium experience and tuition was comparable to the national universities themselves. Because Global Threads was founded after my own study abroad experience, with “Gonzaga in Florence” merchandise being our first-ever products, this goal was very close to my heart. The abroad education is rich in experience. Allowing more students to engage in this opportunity is not only beneficial to the university, but also to the students.

My original plan was to create a partnership with Gonzaga University and to share a percentage of the profits. My goal was seemingly straightforward: design beautiful apparel, sell them, build a business, and share in the success by giving back to the Florence program, over time making it more accessible for all students. So far, I have achieved everything but an official partnership with the Florence program. Structuring a deal as complex as this turned out to be a bigger feat than I initially realized. With reasonable success in our first year — designing, manufacturing, and selling Florence apparel — we managed to sponsor a Gonzaga-in-Florence Reunion party, instead of donating to the Gonzaga-in-Florence program. While it wasn’t my original intent, this day ignited a new, foundational mission for Global Threads: to share in our success and to give back to the Global Threads community.

It all started with a simple reunion party, but today it manifests in a different light. In 2018, we are partnering with numerous universities and their study abroad programs. Although Global Threads has grown, our mission to give back continues to be an essential goal. As we continue to collaborate with international programs, we look to give back to the communities we work in. Our ultimate goal: to one day give scholarships to study abroad programs, making international learning more accessible.


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