Traveling from Seatac Airport

Traveling from Seatac Airport

Life tends to present endless trials and tribulations with regularity. Owning a small business is no acceptation. Thankfully, the reality is that many of these challenges can simply be addressed with the correct amounts of creativity, vision, and ingenuity. Perhaps, like me, you wanted to run a successful T-shirt business while seeing other parts of the world. Here’s how I did it.

Outsourcing is Fundamental

In order to launch and run a successful T-shirt business while traveling the world, you must learn to take full advantage of outsourcing opportunities. Now, keep in mind, in my case, outsourcing did not involve the assistance of overseas laborers. You can have a thoroughly “American made” business and take advantage of the talent in the United States.

Although, if you decide you want to design your shirts yourself, thanks to technology and the almighty internet, you’re offered the convenience to do so when and wherever you please. But, even if you intend to do most of the design work yourself, it behooves you to have at least one contracted freelancer that can assist with design efforts.

Because you will be on the road, and perhaps uninterested in expending the money necessary to invest in a T-shirt print shop that must be run by someone in your absence, contracting with a printer is a necessary step. This way, rather than having to work out a per-project deal, it is likely, you will be able to contract work on broader agreement terms which allow you to provide such an outsourcer with your orders for a set period of time. This will reduce the amount you will pay the individual per unit.

There will be other areas in which you can utilize the services of freelancers and external talent as you foster the growth of your company.

Create and Maintain Dynamic Website

Due to the nature of this type of business and circumstance, you will definitely need a dynamic, vibrant, user-friendly website to conduct business. This will be your primary means to reach out to and connect with potential customers. Additionally, your website will also be your way to maintain contact with your current patrons by means of encouraging repeat business and obtaining referrals.

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Take Advantage of Your Travels

In my experience, there are three primary ways in which T-shirt businesses operate. First, there are T-shirt ventures that focus on custom-made items for customers. Second, there are T-shirt businesses that develop their own shirt designs which they print and market. Finally, there are T-shirt companies that both take custom orders from the public and create their own line of products.

As an individual who wants both to constantly travel and run a T-shirt business, you likely would benefit by taking both courses in your operations. You can pursue customers to order their own

T-shirt designs from you. In addition, you can take advantage of your travels and develop lines of your own T-shirt concepts to be sold via an online store and other additional internet resources.

Moreover, if you will be staying in particular locations for more extended periods of time, you can take in the scene and develop T-shirts that uniquely are suitable to that particular community or area. Even more, since you are in the locale, you may be able to encourage local shops to carry your T-shirts in their stores. Even if they don’t want to buy your lines wholesale, you may be able to convince them to take shirts on a consignment basis.

Take Full Advantage of Social Media

Social media very well may prove to be your biggest help in marketing your T-shirt business whilst traveling. Give serious consideration to bringing together both your travels and your T-shirt offerings on different social media platforms.

Blog as You Go

Travel blogs are among the most popular on the internet, because or in spite of a large number of bloggers operating in this area. Blogging is another tool through which you can share your travel adventures and market your T-shirt business products and services in different cities,

In the final analysis, a point to remember when launching and running a T-shirt business while traveling is striving to keep everything associated with the process as simple as possible and have an obsession with details.

Indeed, the T-shirt business is something by its very nature that can be undertaken while constantly on the go.

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