The GT Way


We have been working relentlessly for more than a year, getting more no’s in one year than we thought our business could bear. However, all the methods of growing a network, securing clients and building a name for Global Threads has started paying off. Before you know it, those no’s have turned into yes’s and order flow spikes. Now you have a problem that every upcoming company wants to have: excess orders.

We process orders and quotes through our email, has a custom design platform to submit orders as well.

Now that our customer base is strong, the design process has become an intricate part of our business. Finalizing a design can take a while but after years of experience, asking for a starting point (some sort of inspiration for the artist to turn a vision into reality) and providing 2-3 free revisions simplifies the back and forth.

Once our clients approve the design, we move onto the meticulous process of production. Details are everything. Quality control, color matching, being sensitive to your clients’ needs, checking sizes, and other details to make certain only quality products ship. GT production time is generally 3-5 business days but we ask for 1-2 weeks.

At Global Threads, we treat each order as order one. Once product is shipped out the door the client receives their tracking number.

Customer Service:
Our first priority is making our clients happy. Although we are proactive in avoiding hiccups, it would be unrealistic to expect all orders to go flawlessly. At Global Threads, we operate on a customer first focus so if any concerns arise GT is one call away.

Lillian Turner