Global Threads Brings Apparel Ideas to Reality

Why Global Threads is The Business to Business Provider

Trying to identify and continually work with your core customers is a complicated endeavor that can prove to be challenging for most developing businesses. Moreover, anyone in the business world understands that universities are a tough customer to establish, but at Global Threads we stayed after it. In fact, Global Threads first major customer was a university.



After a couple of years of working with a variety of different clients, Global Threads began to find its niche within its business to business relationships. As a high-growth apparel and custom design provider, Global Threads offers an intense customer service relationship with their clients.


“Global Threads offers an intense customer service relationship with their clients.”


Custom Design

At Global Threads, we value a relationship with our customers. The custom design process consists of deliberate, direct, and continuous communication in order to arrive at a final design. During this time frame, we help our clients choose everything from the design to the quality to the quantity of the shirts.





Additionally, Global Threads is staffed with a team of graphic design experts willing to make your dream into a reality. The GT designers have expansive experience, and love working closely with all sort of departments throughout different businesses.


After 3 long years and consistent custom design experimentation processes, Global Threads finally identified its customer base.



Brands & Types of Shirts

Global Threads puts its customers first. At Global Threads, we believe the customer deserves best. For this reason, we offer only the best quality t-shirts for client projects. At GT, we recommend softer and higher quality T-shirts, which will not be the cheapest. (We stay away from the 100% cotton – it doesn’t provide high value for your brand.)


As Global Threads formed relationships with businesses such as PWC, Chewy, Nordstrom, Gonzaga, and American Commerce Bank, their customers began to see the value of purchasing only the highest quality t-shirts for their own employees and customers.


Today our Business to Business relationships continue to grow, as we take on more clients and more exciting new projects.


The Process

We make it really simple for the buyer. Expectations are upfront. Communication is direct.

  1. Finalize design

  2. Choose T-shirt material

  3. Establish sizes.

  4. Pay invoice,

  5. Relax and receive your order in 1-2 weeks.


Just sit down, relax, we’ve got you covered...



How can Global Threads help YOU bring your next event or T-shirt dream into a reality today?

Let us know.




Lillian Turner