What’s Up with Those Threads?

Commonly, customers and perspective buyers just want to know – what brand/quality of t-shirt does Global Threads use? Frequently, from major orders to first-time customers, clients have stopped by the office before they place their order just to cop a feel of the type and quality of our variation of tees.


“clients have stopped by the office before they place their order just to cop a feel of the type and quality of our variation of tees”

And, let me tell you, they were sold…

 In the industry, there has consistently been a trend toward manufacturing shirts at the cheapest price. The problem with this is that when you manufacture shirts made out of cheap material, you’re presented with a below average t-shirt. As we all know, consumers will always prefer a soft, high-quality tee. Generally, companies have begun to realize the importance of the premium look, especially if they tend to use their shirts for promotion or re-sale.


At Global Threads, we pride ourselves in our dedication to providing

our customers with high-quality t-shirts at various levels of affordability.


While we have access to unlimited material, if it was always Global Threads decision, we would recommend Next Level’s 60/40 blend.

We like this option for a handful of reasons:

1. It's both soft, and high-quality

2. It’s more affordable than tri-blend choices,

3. It holds better through a handful of washes.

But, if the price tag is of no concern, we’d strongly recommend using tri-blends. 3 different materials meshed into one which creates a pillow like shirt feeling.

Even though this is the pricier option, it is quality that you can feel – no kidding – the moment one of our clients feels the material of tri-blend, the decision has already been made for him/her.




Global Threads Only Uses the Highest-Quality T-shirts from the Highest-Quality Brands

For example, one of our favorite brands to use, All Made, partners up with the Global Orphan Project. All of their t-shirts are made by under-privileged, misplaced orphans in Haiti. Each worker makes 3-4x the average pay of jobs in their area, and 100% of proceeds go to orphan prevention programs. Additionally, each t-shirt is composed of 6 recycled plastic water bottles. Now that’s a cause, GT can stand for...

Our other favorite brands include Bella Canvas, Next Level, and American Apparel.

Try the Bella Canvas Tri blend today!