Global Threads President "It's not going to stop"

Global Threads President "It's not going to stop"

Global Threads continues to expand to other Gonzaga Study Abroad Programs

Fall 2016

Gonzaga-in-Zambezi, The third program Global Threads has landed at President Kyle McAllister’s Alma Mater. The Gonzaga-in-Zambezi program recently partnered with Global Threads to combine philanthropy and style. Just like so many other programs, Zambezi is a beloved study abroad program with a different focus than Italy, and it is important to Global Threads to reach out and build these relationships within the multifaceted network of Gonzaga. “This is a big deal we have been working on this for 6 months, but for me it felt like 6 years. ” Global Threads is excited about this partnership, hopeful that this is simply the beginning of a long road with potentially all of the Gonzaga sponsored study abroad programs.


An alumnus of Bothell High School, McAllister participated in the basketball program at his school. At the time McAllister didn’t realize but. “For three years I designed the basketball sweatshirts. Each year I changed the design and color, designed new styles. It was just for fun. I never realized I would build a company six years later.” Forethought and planning goes into executing a design project such as this, he quickly learned. The company’s growth does not cease as we focus our story of small business success away from Spokane.


Global Threads currently operates out of Dallas. People have many different ideas about what makes Texas such a poignant place, but they may all agree on the state’s love of open spaces and bright lights. Football is a beloved sport in the Lone Star state. By announcing its new partnership with Hurst Junior High School in Hurst, Texas. Global Threads wants to tap into this passion for football. “Tapping into athletics is not easy” McAllister views this as a big win and a great launching point.


Global Threads has plans to for philanthropic pursuit—donating portions of sales back to each buyer’s respective organization. McAllister will designate a portion of each t-shirt sold back to the Gonzaga-in-Zambezi program. “The preliminary discussion involves the Zambia Gold program.” Perhaps Global Threads could begin a special scholarship fund or donate to the sustainability fund for those in the Gonzaga-in-Florence program. McAllister states, “The best businesses today take a stakeholder approach and it improves so many aspects of life.” These ideas are only budding plans so far, but even the smallest ideas within Global Threads seek to hear stories and listen to communities. Everyone at Global Threads believes that returning some of the profit to respective organizations will build strong bonds and encourage following of the brand.


Global Threads is also pleased to announce a development within the company’s branding. Global Threads merchandise is based on an experience of study abroad. Global Threads is also known for its custom, more small, local print services—Local Threads. This division of local apparel will stand apart from the study abroad-related apparel Global Threads offers to its customers. “While providing apparel for study abroad students will always be our top priority, we want to emphasize that we also have other relationships, relationships we want to cherish.” Local Threads is our custom print business that will work with businesses and education centers.


From Florence, Italy to Spokane, Washington down to Texas and back to Washington State, Global Threads leaves a trail of adventure every time the company sets out for another frontier. This full speed ahead reaction Global Threads has received about its products simply reminds the people manufacturing these goods that students, young people, communities in general—are passionate people, who want to share their stories. Share your story by wearing your story. McAllister continually states its not going to stop “everyday there’s innovation within our company we are in a really good position right now.”



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