Global Threads Takes the Stage

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Global Threads Takes the Stage

On Wednesday, November 30, Global Threads LLC will participate in One Million Cups, an entrepreneurial event that invites small businesses nationwide to the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis to come together, to share their ideas, and to display how their small businesses have taken shape and received success since inception.


McAllister is extremely pleased to be invited to this event, honored at the chance to showcase all that Global Threads has to offer. The six-minute presentation will show the audience members at One Million Cups how Global Threads not only seeks to produce quality clothing, but how the company seeks out storytellers, those not afraid to face an opportunity, no matter the unknowns or the risks.


In the audience at the One Million Cups event will not only be fellow entrepreneurs, but members of the Dallas/Fort Worth community: people who are looking to invest and partner with small, promising companies. Being that Global Threads has really relied on social media and remote support in previous years, this in-person event presents Global Threads with a rare opportunity to showcase people, to their faces, what Global Threads wants now and is planning for the future.


‘One Million Cups’ refers to the idea that it takes just about one million cups of coffee to begin and see through a successful start up. To be categorized as a hard working company in this way is certainly an honor for the entire team at Global Threads. We look forward to the 30th, to share and to learn from our fellow caffeinated entrepreneurs. McAllister stated, “As a team we have built a profitable scalable business and its time to share with the masses”.


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