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Hello, readers, friends, and customers! I wanted to be the first to detail our new blog campaign featuring stories of travel. The Global Threads team wants to share your stories, tips, revelations and knowledge all in one place. These days, it seems more and more people are getting up and getting out there—exploring new cities, countries, and cultures. People are traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa, and domestically all the time. Traveling is an exciting experience people want to share with others, and Global Threads believes that having a platform to share our stories beyond social media will better the traveling community as a whole, hopefully helping people in planning their next get away.

I was lucky enough to catch the travel when I set off for Florence, Italy in September 2013. Zoom forward to 2016-it seemed every week I was going to the airport. I flew so many places: San Francisco, Boston, New York, Seattle, Austin and Chicago, to begin, and I felt I was studying abroad again. But this time travels were efficient, I was wearing business suits and the travels were methodically planned. Quite different from my travels in Europe when my ears were still buzzing from the previous night, much more casually dressed, and relied heavily on my peers to navigate the foreign land. In each city I traveled to in 2016, I was focused on a certain task at hand. Whether that be closing a deal, or pitching Global Threads but I always mixed in some form of exploration of the city. Whether catching sporting events in Santa Clara, smoking cigars at Stanza Dei Sigari in Boston, or catching up with friends in their cities (by far the most enjoyable activity). Seeing friends from early years, high school, and university in their element is quite inspirational. The biggest prospective deal was established at a bar in Austin that was totally unplanned. That’s what makes getting out in the world and traveling to new places so important.

One of these people getting out into the world is San Jose, California native Madu Cole. On Global Thread's new blog platform, we learned all about his experiences living in Berlin, Germany.

Global Threads looks to be a platform for all those who wander in the world. This platform will be a sharing platform where you will come to give and gain. We will be ushering a regular blog, and we invite anyone to share.

Look Next Wednesday for Our next blog!!


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