GT Travel Platform

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GT Travel Platform

Global Threads, though a small apparel company, has been thinking about much more than selling t-shirts since the company's inception. Think about Global Threads as a platform for all travelers to share their experiences.  GT has always been community-oriented, and we would like to see that orientation become tangible through a web-sharing platform.  We envision that travelers will share their stories in organized yet fluid ways, opening their experiences to other people. 

We have all known someone who is about to embark on an amazing journey, and as they wave goodbye in front of the airport, their loved ones shout, “Can't wait to read your blog!” 

While a blog is a direct, effective and straightforward platform to share stories, the upkeep of a blog whilst studying abroad or traveling for long periods of time often proves difficult. Travelers are too busy living their experiences to write about them—which is a beautiful thing. Global Threads wants to be able to give travelers a platform to share certain stories—long or short, one story or ten stories—where other people can access their stories. Perhaps someone will share information about the best pizza in Florence, the best waterproof camera, or the easiest way to travel from airport to  hostel. No matter the destination or duration your a trip, stories that are shared are simply better. 

We can't wait to help you share your stories with the world.


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