Preparation and Presentations

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Preparation and Presentations

I have explained my company to thousands of people over the last year and it has been quite easy for me to recite. The next week will be slightly different as two different occasions in separate cities allow me to present to hundreds of people. Wednesday morning in Dallas and Thursday afternoon in San Francisco. 

After a record month of Revenues in November where Global Threads Company will do over $6,000 we also get a stage in two major cities. I'm trying to take a relaxed approach but the closer we get the more nerves set in. What questions are they going to ask me? Are we fully prepared? Is the timing right? Some of the thoughts that keep me up at night.

I do think we are ready, people love our story our continued growth and a positive track record. Presenting Global Threads in front of a large audience was inevitable in my mind, its something I look forward to very much.  






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