#SXSW 2017

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#SXSW 2017

Global Threads continues to work with numerous universities around the country. We recently added the University of San Diego and University of Tulsa study abroad programs to our team. We strive to bring value to these schools through tangible products that help highlight these experiences. Essentially, every university sells clothing apparel featuring their sports teams, but little attention is given to clothing designed for their study abroad participants. We have been successful in sharing our mission with universities nationwide as our presence has continued to spread and our relationships with these universities have progressively strengthened. 

Our goal remains to be the premier travel company in the country. Sales and revenues continue to hit all-time highs with February 2017 being our highest revenue month on record. We have begun expanding by working with travel companies in addition to our current work with universities. Our goal is to become a brand that encapsulates the entire travel experience not simply the study abroad experience. Our Local Threads division is thriving and expanding to meet the needs of our growing client base. We have done a successful job of organic growth, and look forward to what the future holds.

This year’s South by Southwest in Austin, Texas is a major opportunity for Global Threads to gain market share. We will be giving away promotional items and raffling off two free round-trip airline tickets. We are a community building brand and we feel this is a great way to show our mission. Global Threads invites all people to attend South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this March. 

We are very excited about 2017 and the continued influence of Global Threads in communities around the world.


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