Global Threads Gives Back to Bothell High

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Global Threads has grown exponentially in the last year. We started as a small business in Spokane, Washington, and have developed into a global company. This exciting growth has opened many doors for community engagement and giving. Global Threads is constantly looking for new opportunities to support our local and global communities near and far. Our first batch of giving in 2018 was to honor Bothell High School’s Boys’ Basketball Team and their continued success. Bothell High School’s football and basketball teams are recent clients of Global Threads.

The high school basketball team hailing out of Bothell, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, and our founders Alma matter has won consecutive conference championships. Winning one championship is tremendous, going back-to-back in the competitive King County Conference is a monumental accomplishment. We wanted to celebrate these athletes and coaches, so Global Threads jumped into design-mode.

GT designers went right to work and began sketching shirt designs. The workflow process was exciting—oftentimes when we create custom apparel, clients already have a design in mind, so it was a fun change to have 100% creative control and autonomy. This is something Global Threads sees continuing in the future. We went back and forth with different designs until we finally landed on a t-shirt we were proud of.

We donated time, resources, and materials to produce free, championship shirts that represent the team’s success on the hardwood, because these kids deserve it. Consecutive championships in anything are a major accomplishment and that’s why they have been named the “Kings of KingCo”. These kids have a lot to be proud of and Global Threads is honored to be a part of their achievements.

Sarah Babcock

GT production. Email [email protected] for future collaborations.

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