Global Threads Helps Commemorate the Colorado Classic

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By: Nicholas Sakelaris

It’s football season, and the Bothell Cougars are kicking off with a road trip to the Rockies!  Bothell’s players, fans and parents will travel to Broomfield, Colorado to battle the Legacy Lightning in the Colorado Classic on Aug. 31. The 1,300-mile journey will be commemorated by a shirt that was designed and produced by Global Threads in collaboration with Bothell fans, coaches, and players.  The shirt features the two teams’ helmets clashing in front of a background of football laces and the Rocky Mountains.


Global Threads has been personalizing and celebrating events, journeys, and moments by combining unique designs with extreme customer service for 5 years. What started with one university has morphed into a list of satisfied customers: “The hands-on design, quality product, speedy delivery and overall customer satisfaction have always been the identity of the company,” says Kyle McAllister.

The Global Threads designers and writers dubbed the event as “The Colorado Classic,” and drew on Bothell’s longstanding football spirit, sense of community, and winning ways to design a one-of-a-kind keepsake.   Then their programmers went to work.  Global Threads use its Predictive Sizingä and website portals to allow speedy, accurate, and convenient fulfillment just in time for the big game.  “The unique and personal designs delight our customers, but on-demand fulfillment is a new feature that is truly a game changer” says McAllister.


High school athletics are among the most memorable moments for athletes, families, and communities, and Global Threads will continue to innovate ways to highlight the major matchups and events.


Global Threads provides more customizable options combined with outstanding customer service.


McAllister started Global Threads in 2013. For more information on this fast-growing startup, click here.

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