How Increasing My Patience Has Helped Sales Growth and Employee Output

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Patience is an attribute that some people, like myself, needed to acquire. My mother said that I was always anxious to “get things done”, get somewhere quickly and even used the word “dash” for my middle name. Parents can identify characteristics and behaviors in their children at a young age and see it proliferate as they grow older.

I agree with this.  I’m always trying to find the quickest car route, shortcuts, have pre-planned techniques to get off planes faster, and avoid situations where patience is needed. Years ago I looked at this as a major advantage, from both a personal and business perspective. However, after 27 years of age, I’m finding solace, peace, and better business results by taking a deep breath and resisting the temptation to rush people and results. I  currently resist emailing people in the middle of the night and push my mental capacity to stay on the freeway an extra 2–3 minutes instead of taking the nearest exit. Instead of notifying customers immediately that their invoice is due, I allow an extra day or two to pass and give them a friendly nudge. Previously, I would text customers for payment before the email had a chance to actually post in their inbox.

Instead of following up on apparel bids, contracts, or RFPs in an accelerated manner, I’ve begun to follow like the average person, waiting a couple of days. The final outcome has helped our business tremendously. Most importantly, being patient and listening has contributed to the company’s business progress.

Working side by side with our development team, weighing options and forcing myself to understand rather than “push forward my way” allows us to be proactive rather than reactive. A perfect example is our new website. Get it done fast and fix the bugs as they occur, or take a little extra time, do it the right way, and allow for a more effective deployment.

Finally, a constantly growing part of our business is custom designs. I’ve been trying to master the Adobe suite platform for 3 years and still have a ways to go. Luckily, we have gifted artists. Instead of rushing them to get artwork and designs completed in 24 hours, I now allow for imagination, creativity, and innovation. Understanding “fast” is fine, but allowing time for thought and accuracy has helped expand our custom design business at Global Threads. Nicole Jeske, artist extraordinaire with Global Threads for over 3 years, elevates our designs to new levels with her amazing skillset.

The moral of the story is that while being hurried and quick-thinking is important, dialing back some can lead to higher sales, more effective employee output and happier customers.




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