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Our Mission

"Fanatical Focus on our customers"

Our Vision

"Help promote international travel, and encourage people to share their experiences"


Shannon Heric
Creative Designer

Shannon graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture. She works full time as a presentation design specialist in Seattle, WA. She also enjoys photography, drawing, adventuring, and spending time with her friends and family!

Nicole Jeske
Creative Designer

Nicole graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelors of Science in Advertising, a Spanish minor, and a Global Business Foundation. While at UT, she had both a concentration in the creative sequence and media sequence. She is committed to finding ways of combining media and technology within the creative process.

She has worked on the client side, as well as small and large advertising agencies. Her clients have ranged from large corporations, startup businesses, and nonprofit agencies. While she is passionate about working for brands and campaigns for the greater good, she spends her free time exploring and traveling the world.

Kyle McAllister
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After graduating from Gonzaga University Kyle McAllister immediately began acquiring his business licenses while working in the financial industry. It didn’t take long for McAllister to realize that the cubicle life was not for him.
Global Threads was founded before a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. It was the most talked about thing on campus but there was no tangible product to capture the experience. After the life changing learning opportunity, and mind opening travel experiences McAllister knew he had to help convince people of all ages to go abroad. Today Global Threads works with abroad programs and travel companies to democratize travel around the world.

Manali Pathare
Social Media

Manali graduated with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, with a Diploma in Film-making in 2014. After exploring various career options by gaining experience at several media houses, Manali finally ended up knowing her true love is social media. She has been working as a social media expert for the past 2 years, handling several individual profiles as well as companies, and has only shown progress. She also loves reading, traveling, and photography.