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Traveling the world has always been at the forefront of Global Threads. Global Threads started off with a simple idea: to memorialize a popular study abroad program. The idea was to provide university students shirts and tank tops, to wear as they discovered the world through study abroad programs.

Passion for travel and the desire to explore the world brings people together, taking them on journeys that stay with them forever. Whether it is the thrill of exploring foreign places, the bonds you make at company events, or the excitement of winning a championship with your teammates, you’ll want something to commemorate the moment.

Like many entrepreneurial businesses, Global Threads was founded by recognizing a need and establishing a means to meet it. Kyle McAllister, founder and president of Global Threads LLC, saw an opportunity customizing apparel for abroad programs and created a company that would efficiently deliver merchandise to customers while maintaining great customer service and flexibility.

It all started in 2013 when McAllister studied abroad in Florence, Italy. The life-changing trip opened his eyes to new cultures and experiences. He wanted to give his classmates tangible representations of the incredible semester they shared and decided t-shirts and tank tops would make great mementos that they could keep for years to come. McAllister created unique t-shirt designs that were a huge hit and a new company was born.


Global Threads’ first branded t-shirt, “Travel the World”, symbolizes the thrill of embarking on a new adventure—whether it’s getting on a plane to an unknown place, or starting a new business venture. It embodies Global Threads’ mission to commemorating experiences by capturing every idea, event, and experience on incredible custom-designed t-shirts and merchandise.


According to McAlister, Global Threads wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that trip. The inspiration and ideas that derive from getting out of one’s comfort zone are invaluable.


What started off as seizing the window of opportunity to fill a void in the market has grown into a company that is a full-service apparel and design company. Today, Global Threads collaborates with top businesses, growing startups, and a variety of events, facilitating the designing process for its customers from beginning to end. Global Threads takes care of design iterations, choosing the preferred textile, and updating customers through production status to ensure customer satisfaction. Global Threads has grown to meet its customers’ needs, and continues to do so with every project.

Global Threads continues to expand its production and expansive client list, but maintains its high priority on customer service and quality products.


2nd edition of Travel the world.

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